Veterinary Services

Pet Grooming/Day Spa

Experience advanced in-house grooming for your pets at Central Kentucky Veterinary Services in Paris, KY. Expert groomers and medical supervision are available.

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Veterinary Services

Pet Grooming/Day Spa

Experience top-notch in-house grooming for your pets at Central Kentucky Veterinary Services in Paris, KY. Expert groomers and medical supervision available.

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Central Kentucky Veterinary Services is excited to offer in-house grooming services. We have multiple staff groomers who handle their scheduling and pricing. We would love to groom your pets. Please contact the Central Kentucky Veterinary Services groomers by phone call or text at (859) 435-6649 to schedule your pet. 

Because grooming is done within the veterinary clinic setting, we can also offer grooming services under sedation in correlation with our medical team. Please call the clinic to schedule a consultation with one of our veterinarians before scheduling the anesthesia. The appointment would then be coordinated between the groomer and the clinic.

Benefits of Our In-House Grooming Services

  • Convenience: Our in-house grooming services offer pet parents the convenience of combining grooming appointments with regular veterinary visits. This means fewer trips for you and less stress for your pet.
  • Expert Groomers: Our team consists of two highly skilled groomers, each with their own expertise. They understand the unique grooming needs of various breeds and can provide personalized grooming that suits your pet’s specific requirements.
  • Tailored Services: With individual groomers handling their own scheduling and pricing, you can expect a customized grooming experience that caters to your pet’s size, coat type, and your preferences.
  • Comprehensive Care: Grooming is not just about aesthetics. It’s also about your pet’s health. Our groomers are trained to notice any skin issues, parasites, or other health concerns during grooming, allowing for early detection and treatment.
  • Stress Reduction: Many pets find the grooming process stressful. When done in the familiar environment of our veterinary clinic, your pet may feel more at ease, resulting in a more relaxed grooming experience.
  • Medical Supervision: For pets that require grooming while under sedation, we can coordinate grooming services with our medical team. This ensures that the process is safe and comfortable for your pet.
  • Time Savings: Combining grooming with your pet’s regular check-up can save you time and streamline your pet’s healthcare. You won’t need to make separate appointments at different locations.
  • Comprehensive Services: From breed-specific trims to soothing baths, our groomers offer a wide range of services to meet your pet’s grooming needs.
  • Improved Well-Being: Regular grooming is essential for your pet’s overall well-being. It helps maintain a healthy coat, prevents matting, reduces shedding, and comforts your pet.
  • Professional Guidance: Our grooming team is always ready to provide you with tips and advice on how to care for your pet’s coat and skin between grooming appointments.